The Newest Niche Site Projects

Well it’s been a while since I last published an update on my niche site projects and the way they are moving forward.   Back in the Summer of 2013 my Quiet Generator site was launched and I am pleased to announce that it sits on page on of just about every keyword it focuses on.   Revenue has been strong and I expect it to grow when we get closer to the outdoors / summer season.

I’ve got four new projects under development right now ( along with another 70 sites for clients which is a crazy ass amount of work )

My new Bug Out Blueprint Site at is a site dedicated to emergency evacuations.  The survival market is huge in the US and this site is one of my finest pieces of work when it comes to content creation.  I’ve been working with a friend of mine who is a retired US Special Forces guy and the site is going to be pretty impressive when its done.

There aren’t too many guys out there that can’t tell you what a Rambo Knife looks like  – and believe it or not there is still a huge interest in both the movies and the and knives.   With that said – was born and is coming along well.  It’s a fun site that I don’t take too seriously.

I have two other sites that are going after very competitive markets  and will be a real challenge to rank well with.  The first is - a high end site dedicated to GPS Golf units and range finders.  The second site is called the Picnic Source and is focused on picnic ideas including the high end picnic baskets available online.

All of these sites are very diversified and I’m looking forward to seeing where they will be come June.

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The Path to Number One…

For those of you that have been following Spencer Hawes Niche Site Project – he started back in January building a niche website that would generate $500 per month on more or less auto pilot.  As of last check – he had achieve over $700 but was penalized recently by the new Panda update – never the less – he was successful in creating a very profitable website that will produce in excess of $8000 in its first year.   What really fascinates me the mathematical principles of this concept.    Simply put – if a person wanted to created a steady monthly income of $10,000 per month – they would need to focus in building 12 to 15 niche oriented websites.

Based on this principle – I began building a new niche site called Quiet Generator Guide – ( ) back on July 23rd of this year with the primary focus on ranking on Google for its key words – specifically ” quiet generator ” and ” best quiet generator. ”     I had wrote a primary article of around 1600 words, and then another 10 or so secondary articles.   I did some basic link building – mostly through forums and some back link packages but nothing overly intense.  My main focus was to simply write strong content.

In having a look over the past few days I was pleased to see that the site ranks #1 several keywords and number 10 for the term Quiet Generator which I expect to see climb over the next month into the top 5.    This site has also seen its page authority rank climb on Open Site Explorer to 16 with a page authority of 27 which isn’t bad for a site 4 months old on a newly registered domain. Unfortunately the site isn’t making all that much – which is disappointing based on the traffic the site is receiving.   I think one of my errors was in the product selection that the site focused on.   Unless you  are in a remote area – you are likely to go down to Costco or Walmart to buy your generator.  In the future – I plan on building sites more focused on products people are likely to order online.

Next up is a new site called Expert Kitchen Knives which is going to be a sub site under a line of gourmet cooking tools etc.   High end kitchen knives – the kind that retail for $100 plus per knife aren’t sold in Walmart, and this should lead to a higher conversion rate with Amazon.   So far I’ve done the articles myself but I plan on farming out my content in the near future so I can ramp up site production.  My goal by this time next year is to have built 100 of these sites for a monthly revenue of $40k per month.

Now that I am confident that I have proven that I can rank on page one for a competitive subject such as Quiet Generators – the next real step is documenting that process – building an assembly line and then rolling out the content accordingly.

I’ll keep you updated.

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