Reputation Repair Made Easy

A damaged online reputation can have far reaching effects for both individuals and companies.   Often the initial reaction is react aggressively and demand the posting website remove the post or page – which often only makes the matter worse and brings more attention to it.  In a world where TMZ gets more traffic than major newspapers – sensationalism and dirt sells and playing fair is not in the best interest of the majority of websites that destroy reputations ranging from Yelp to more slanderous sites like Rip Off Report and the Dirty.

Unfortunately paying someone to fix your reputation can be extremely expensive.   In fact the average cost to hire a reputation management firm ranges from $2500 to $15000 plus monthly monitoring and managing fees in excess of $1500 per month which all depends on the severity of the problem and the hard truth is – they don’t do anything you can’t do yourself for a whole lot less.  The good news is that you can fix your own reputation for a whole lot less with Reputation

It’s like the old story about the giant computer that is broken down and the company who desperately needs it running again calls in the expert.  He looks at the machine – takes out a screw driver – adjusts a screw and the computer runs properly again.   He then hands the company a bill for $5000 of which the owner is furious at.  ” You only turned one screw – how is that worth $5000 ??? ”     The technician looks at him thoughtfully and says ” turning the screw was free – knowing which screw to turn costs $5000 ”

The same can be said for the reputation repair industry.   The process isn’t hard at all if you know what to do and in our observation, most people with even a basic knowledge of the internet can do a better job of fixing their own reputation themselves than many firms will do for you.

The Reputation Industry is Facing a Reputation Problem

The first reputation firms started to spring up in 2005 – and now it’s a billion dollar industry.   But like a lot of industries on the internet – it was ( and still is ) seen as a way to get rich quick by unscrupulous marketers who provide very little but the most basic effort with little or no regard for the actual client.   Unfortunately, a great deal of false information and poor business practices are just making the problem worse.   Fixing your online reputation is a step by step process and if you know how it can be done at literally no cost.

As we mentioned , depending on the complexity of your reputation problem – the industry average is $3500 to $10,000 to repair your reputation -which is a lot of money.   ( see for example this price page for a popular reputation firm on the internet located at )

Our company typically is about 35% below industry averages – but still – a full service reputation repair package can run well into several thousand dollars.   That’s why we created this Do It Yourself Review Package so people can save on the cost of paying someone to repair their reputation.

How Reputation Repair Works…

In it’s basic form, reputation repair works by either suppressing or removing the negative search results found when a person searches for a specific person or business.    This is done by creating new content online – as well as using techniques to suppress negative content or reviews.    There are two main areas of concern for people having reputation problems.

  • Search Engine Results are negative and effecting your reputation.
  • Your business has received negative reviews on one of the many customer review / complaint sites such as Yelp or Ripoff Report.

The good news is that in almost all cases – these problems can be fixed if you know how.    It just takes the willingness to tackle the job yourself if you don’t want to pay a firm to do it for you.

So here is how the process works for…

Negative Search Engine Results

  • 1)  You begin by addressing what is being said on the internet about you or your company and develop a strategy to either push down those search results so they are buried deep in Google’s index – or you attempt to have the negative listings removed using legal methods.
  • 2)  Search engine listings and subsequently what results are returned on any given search are the result of many factors ranging from the age of the post, to even things like how grammatically correct the page is.    In an effort to try to push pages higher in the search listings – a technique referred to as search engine optimization is used ( also referred to as SEO ).   This involves optimizing pages and content to show higher in the search engine results.    This essentially is the root of the entire reputation repair industry.
  • 3) The next step is to create new positive content so that it appears higher in the search results than the negative results you are trying to suppress.   This is done by using search engine optimization on these pages so they drown out the other pages.

The key to this strategy is knowing what content to publish, where to publish it ( social media sites – blogs – press release sites etc ) and then using search engine optimization techniques to push that content to the top of the search results.

Negative Reviews on Consumer Sites. 

The problem with sites like Yelp and Four Square is that anyone ( including your competitors or even Ex  ) can go on them, create an account and do massive damage to your business.  In fact, a recent study by Harvard Business School found that 1 star decrease in your rating on Yelp resulted in a 5.9% decrease in traffic to your business.

Combating negative reviews requires a different tactic than how you would suppress search engine results.   In the case of review / complaint sites – one has to use the process of averages to mitigate negative reviews – or if you are lucky have them removed all together.   Many business owners make the mistake of trying to write their own reviews which rarely works and only serves to get your account flagged – and it’s important to have an understanding of how these sites work so you can improve your reputation on them.

Do It Yourself Reputation Repair 

As one of the internet’s largest and best known reputation management and repair agencies – we realized from talking with people from all walks of life that not everyone can afford to hire a firm to handle their reputation concerns.   Our client assessment department was constantly being contacted by people asking questions or wanting to repair their own reputation.   The problem was that no one single answer can solve the problem of a damaged reputation online.

With that in mind, we realized that there was a huge need for a legitimate step by step guide on repairing your own reputation – and there really wasn’t anything like it available on the internet.    There were blog posts with basic strategies – but unless you approach repairing your reputation with a complete strategy you are likely to do more damage than good and that just can be conveyed in one blog post.

The result is a complete step by step guide to Repairing Your Own Reputation that follows the same methodical process that we use for our clients.   It’s a comprehensive plan that we know for certain works – and will save you thousands of dollars over hiring an outside firm – and will eliminate the costly mistakes that many people make when trying to repair their own reputation.

Our Guide to Do It Yourself Reputation is a straight forward and easy to implement program designed to be into action immediately.   We focus on the steps to take to repair your reputation rather than a lot of unnecessary reading about theory.   We will show you how to analyse the search results and compile a complete strategic plan on how to approach your reputation makeover.

Here is how the the Guide to Do It Yourself Reputation Repair Works…

The Do It Yourself Reputation Repair Guide is a comprehensive guide on how to repair and rebuild your own reputation in as short of time as possible.   The guide will show you how to do achieve near immediate initial results on Google.

  • How to analyse the search engines for content on you as well as how to see content through other people’s eyes using multiple search terms.    This includes looking at all search engines including relevant geographical search engines ( such as or )
  • How to analyse all of the social media, review and complaint sites.
  • How to cross reference your search listings / reviews to ferret out hidden problems that can undermine your process
  • How to create content that will rank about negative results.
  • How to write content and use keywords that Google will love and put high relevance on.
  • How to outsource your copywriting if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.
  • Which sites to post content on that automatically is given preference by Google.
  • How to easily create new websites that you can post your own content on and not only repair your reputation but also improve it.
  • Which social media sites to create content on and which ones to stay away from so they don’t hurt your rank with other listings.
  • How to get website owners to post positive reviews and articles about you or your company.
  • How to write press releases that will rank high in search engine results and suppress negative reviews and posts.
  • How to optimize your content so that they fill the first 5 pages of Google’s search results.
  • Full instructions on how to legally challenge any false or slanderous content posted on the internet and a little used powerful technique to force the immediate removal of the content.
  • How to build up your reputation on sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google Reviews and Four Square  using approved tactics all while growing your business at the same time.
  • How to not only suppress negative results but also improve your reputation and brand
  • How to use negative SEO tactics to push down search results from appearing in Google’s search results. ( warning this is a powerful but controversial tactic we have developed )
  • How to monitor your results and ensure you reputation is completely repair within 6 months.

The entire Guide to Do It Yourself Reputation Repair is the exact strategy we use with our clients to achieve results we guarantee in our client agreement contracts.   We are the only Reputation Repair Company in the World that has been bold enough to teach clients how to fix their own reputations rather than spend thousands of dollars on paying a firm to it.

The Newest Niche Site Projects

Well it’s been a while since I last published an update on my niche site projects and the way they are moving forward.   Back in the Summer of 2013 my Quiet Generator site was launched and I am pleased to announce that it sits on page on of just about every keyword it focuses on.   Revenue has been strong and I expect it to grow when we get closer to the outdoors / summer season.

I’ve got four new projects under development right now ( along with another 70 sites for clients which is a crazy ass amount of work )

My new Bug Out Blueprint Site at is a site dedicated to emergency evacuations.  The survival market is huge in the US and this site is one of my finest pieces of work when it comes to content creation.  I’ve been working with a friend of mine who is a retired US Special Forces guy and the site is going to be pretty impressive when its done.

There aren’t too many guys out there that can’t tell you what a Rambo Knife looks like  – and believe it or not there is still a huge interest in both the movies and the and knives.   With that said – was born and is coming along well.  It’s a fun site that I don’t take too seriously.

I have two other sites that are going after very competitive markets  and will be a real challenge to rank well with.  The first is - a high end site dedicated to GPS Golf units and range finders.  The second site is called the Picnic Source and is focused on picnic ideas including the high end picnic baskets available online.

All of these sites are very diversified and I’m looking forward to seeing where they will be come June.

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